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Here’s Some Things You Need To Know If You Want To Triple Your Ad Budget, Crush Your Competition, And Stay Profitable!

Dear eCommerce Business Owners! 

It's Jose Torres here from Revenue Express
The #1 Marketing Agency for eCommerce Brands…
And if you've been running ads for a while,

This Sounds Like Everything You’ve Heard of! Right....

1. Hmm….The Idea of An “In-House” Marketer, affording one of these guys can become really costly in the beginning……plus are you having to make sure they are keeping up with all the social media platforms….Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube….and more!
 As a result, you consistently find yourself struggling to keep up with your competition and then stay on top of the ever growing technology! 

2. If you have the ability to hire an in house team, you most likely see the rookie mistakes come up…..and even the pros have an issue too….SCALING TO THE MOON AND BACK!!

 Ahhhhhhhh….Finally!  The time has come and now think you’ve found a winning campaign, but as you scale it up, your costs dramatically skyrockets, leaving you angry AF and stuck spending small dollars to make small sales…..each and everyday

3. You hired an agency or freelance marketer to run your ads and WTFFFFFFF … you see the higher spend and literally no money made……You ARE NOT the only one…..this happened to a large amount of our clients in the past…we’ve seen it all. 

If you've felt and gone through any of these, it probably makes you resistant and very afraid to trust anyone again, as your marketing results are literally the lifeblood of your business. LITERALLY THE SAVING GRACE TO YOUR BUSINESS!

4. Last but not least….and this is the one we feel deeplyWHO THE HECK DO I LISTEN TO?? Ever since the whole consulting trend and social media marketer trend, everyone and their mother became a marketer...Wouldn’t you agree? Not many of them last though….
Now… as terrible as the things we mentioned above are - here’s what’s worse: 
  • Time Lost…LOTS OF TIME
  • Restless, sleepless nights…and not to mention…the nightmares with a Huge bowl of "not feeling like you are worthy" 

Everything we just listed takes you away from what you really want…what is real to you. The big reason “WHY” you started eCommerce in the first place. Don’t you want more of this:

  • Dream 1: WAY MORE FREE TIME with your loved ones
  • Dream 2: More money to take those vacations….and more family outings
  • Dream 3: A peaceful & stress free life where you wake up every day EXCITED to do what you do

So… you might be wondering what the solution is? 

And why I am even telling you all this? 

Well here’s the thing:

Here at Revenue Express, our team has successfully managed well over $5,000,000+ in Ads across virtually every platform and vertical.

Here's real proof, and the number one reason why you should listen to me over all the other "Marketing Gurus" online begging for your money for a crap work:

And after generating incredible results for our clients in over 10 different niches, like:

  • Skyrocketing an apple watch band company from making 50k/month to 200k/month in less than 30 days
  • Saving A Sleep Mist Company from going bankrupt and closing making less than $1,500/month to making $3,000 in 3 days
  • Increasing Sales of a company selling a luxurious RFID wallet from $100k a year to $1,500,000 a year
  • ​Scaling a clothing company from 500k/month to 1 Million/month
  • ​Elevating a fitness apparel company from 10k per day to 100k per day
  • ​Helping a Print On Demand company go from 10k per day to 30k per day
  • ​Scaling an ergonomic desk company from 0 to 60k in 2 months
  • ​Helping a client going from 0-$500k in 6 months with a blanket company

Through our time of working with several different companies, we’ve discovered the most effective system to scale eCommerce Brands through paid advertising.

So if you’d like to be the next eCom brand that scales to huge success - you have to pay close attention...

Here's how to finally fix your scaling issues, 


We have just re-opened our doors to accept new clients and if you are reading this it means we probably still have a couple of spots available.

(P.S. we're sick of these too..)

Here's the deal - after over $5,000,000+ in managed ad spend, we've turned over every stone, tried every strategy, and flipped literally every switch there is to flick that will generate a surge in ad results and revenue. (P.s by the time you see this, the number will be a lot higher)

Which means I can guarantee you one thing: We will find AT THE VERY LEAST ONE WAY to turn your business upside down and solve all of your scaling problems NOW.

Is that something that would be helpful to you?

So here's the deal...

Since we are looking for 1 maybe 2 more clients this month, I'd like to offer you a free Scaling Session with either myself, or one of my amazing team members, to help you flip your business upside down and scale you well into 5 figure per day in profitable spend.

You’re probably wondering, why? Just Why? 

I know you’re going to love the blueprint we crafted.....so much that you MIGHT want to become a client to have my team put this blueprint in action for you.

And if not, no worries - you'll still be left a lot of ammo for your marketing in the future! 

So there's an INSANE amount of upside potential for you here, with no pressure, no strings attached, or cost associated at all.

Whether you become a client or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is during this Scaling Mastermind Session, we will help you solve your growth challenges...

But here's the truth: This page will only be up until those 1-2 positions are full. Then the offer will be GONE FOR GOOD.

Here's what we're going to go over on the call to help you scale
  • Get amazing clarity on your business, niche, products and the best opportunities you currently have to increase the profitability of your brand
  • Create a 90 day blueprint to show you exactly how to reach your revenue goals
  • Reveal how our secret system can help you dramatically scale and grow your business & give you a custom plan to implement it

I will answer the question of what to do right now so you can quickly enjoy the profits from our solution.

And we’ll give it to you - FREE.


And to make this a sweet deal for you, if you're not absolutely blown away by the amount of value you receive on the call,

I’ll Send You A Highly Valuable Gift Immediately To Compensate You For Your Time.

Now, let's be honest...this is an amazing and once in a lifetime offer...


These calls won’t be available for too much longer… so you MUST do the right thing and take action today. 

Just click the BIG GREEN button above!

Enter your info and answer the questions truthfully.

Once you’re done (takes 1-2 minutes), you’ll be sent to an online calendar to book your planning and scaling mastermind session.

Then make sure you block off the time and actually show up on the call.

Thanks for your time my friend!
-Jose & The Revenue Express Team


Jose Torres is a digital marketing expert in the eCommerce space. Very meticulously and strategically, he’s been able to help his clients break through their boundaries and fears. 

Over the past 3 years, he’s proven time and time again to his clients that he can and will scale their stores…..no “ifs, ands, or buts”. 

While Spending $5,000,000 in Facebook ad spend in the last 3 years profitably, Jose has been able to help his clients reach their revenue goals and take their business to the next level with his expertise. 

He’s very passionate in sales psychology which allows him to make ads, copy and sites that convert.


In order to separate himself in this very competitive world, Jose has developed and trained himself in sales psychology, SEO, Facebook Advertising and Sales. 

He understands that the main reasons why people buy. Jose says, “You will NEVER convert anyone if you sell to them in the way YOU buy or how a group of people buys”. Through trial and error, Jose has learned to make ads and websites that speak to all the types of different buyers so they can convert. 

As a MAD scientist, he truly loves data….. and analyzing data to make sure your money in ads is being spent well. In order to get the best ROAS and Cost per acquisition, Jose makes sure you have control with how you want your brand to be perceived. 

He’s a team player and conducts his business in an ethical fashion. 


Amount Spent - $111k | Website Purchase Conversion $381k | ROAS 342%

Amount Spent - $417 | Website Purchase Conversion $1.64k | ROAS 394%

After focusing on all aspects of marketing and creating upsells, we grew this store 832%

Amount Spent - $1.7k | Website Purchase Conversion $4.99k | ROAS 287%

Client Testimonials

Ryan W.

Find someone who is good at facebook ads......Dropped my ego on facebook ads, and I found a partner...an Agency that works on my store. - Ryan

Sam J.

We've been working for the last couple of months....and DAMN....there's no better person than Jose - Sam

Liran R.

Jose and I started working a year and half ago.....we did about $250,000 in sales. By August, with a new product, we did about $1,000,000 in sales. He never failed me with whatever product I brought him - Liran


This guy is the real deal.....I hit him up because I knew that Jose can teach me something...
He taught me upsells, which brought me $5,000 more per day! - Musko
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